Toadled PC game

Toadled – PC Game Review

(updated 23.9.2016)

Toadled? Toadled!

Toadled is a casual singleplayer action clicker game with super cute frog in the leading role. Well, not that cute anymore as it evolve. It’s very hungry and eating insect isn’t enough to fill its stomach. As the evolution goes – What is nature pyramid? Or the food chain? Or even life pyramid? Pfff. Nothing applies to hungry toad. It eats whatever it wants.

Toadled PC game
Toadled: Stage 1 description.

Undemanding “relaxing” game

If you have a few minutes after a long day and you don’t have mood for intelectual games – this one is perfect for you. Just be quick, be accurate and act fast!

Easy collector target

Toadled have plenty of achievable achievements – except one, but I truly believe, that the developers will fix it very soon. Because this game will be released on September 19, 2016 and the devs will get lots of feedback since.

Toadled PC game
Toadled: in-game achievement menu.

Aaand action!

I really appretiate that the music in every round is different, not so many games of this type put lots of effort in an important area like this one – music.

Game features

Toadled has light RPG elements – you can upgrade your HP, grow speed etc. Survival mode can be pretty challenging and last but not least – Toadled has its own comic book. It has 20 pages of pure cuteness, but before reading you have to unlock each page by completing a little task. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Toadled PC game
Toadled: upgrade menu.


  • cute original artwork
  • light RPG elements
  • quick to play
  • achievable achievements
  • story comic book
  • game evolution
  • dynamic music


  • slow motion bugs – slow motion sometimes messes up the normal music speed (update 23.9.2016 – fixed)
  • stage 10 is not “infinite” > you can’t achieve random unbelievable highscore (update 23.9.2016 – fixed)
  • last (25th) achievement is either bugged or technically impossible for me – I have never the chance to eat 20 things in one maxed slowmo, max 9 things (update 23.9.2016 – you have to eat 20 things in ONE slowmo)
  • less than 2 hours of gameplay
  • upgrades applies in Survival mode too > Survival isn’t survival anymore, because it’s too easy
  • confusing upgrade menu (I paused the game to upgrade my toad, but when I wanted to read the comic book it completely restarted my current level when I continued the game. – That shouldn’t be possible.)

Score: 47/100

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