The Little Acre PC game

The Little Acre – PC Game Preview (Teaser review)

What is The Little Acre

The Little Acre is a nice indie adventure with original hand-drawn graphic and animations and layered environment. The released date is planned on 13th December, but the teaser version is already available for someone. The gameplay length of teaser version is shortened to about 1 hour. But even that little bit, that developers had willingly exposed, is enough to gain The Little Acre attention. The story revolves around a seemingly normal family of three. Grandpa Arthur (a passionate engineer and inventor), his son Aidan and granddaughter Lily live together in a small house in the country. The peaceful country life is spoiled by grandfather’s disappearance and Aidan’s long-term unemployment. Aidan after discovering a promising track to his grandfather decides to go and find him. Not long after that Lily finds the track too and thus everyone finds themselves in a completely different world.

The Little Acre PC game
The Little Acre: Arthur’s room.

The Little Acre PC game
The Little Acre: Dark shed in the back garden.

What makes The Little Acre attractive

The Little Acre can be proud of the tradition form of animation, which gives the game the juice. Audio is also pretty polished. The whole story features a full voice-acting. Likeable are two playable characters (Aidan and Lily), two views that alternate. The game is thus more vivid.

The Little Acre PC game
The Little Acre: You can also play as Lily.
The Little Acre PC game
The Little Acre: Another dimension.

My opinion on The Little Acre

The game The Little Acre had charmed me with its uniqueness and I’m looking forward to play the full version. I have no doubt that The Little Acre still has an ace up its sleeve. Anyway, you can find out for yourself the beauty of this game from the attached screenshots.

The Little Acre PC game
The Little Acre: Stay tuned! To be continued.

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