The Inner World PC game

The Inner World – PC Game Review

What is The Inner World

The Inner World is a 2D point-and-click adventure game participated in a world named Asposia inside the globe. One of the life important source – air (here presented as wind) – is provided by 3 great wind fountains. But one after another went dry and only one is somehow functional. It’s enough to keep Asposia habitable, but what if it will go dry too? Is that the reason why the wind gods are mad at the Aspoians? There must be something smelly behind this all can you find out what?

The Inner World PC game
The Inner World: One of the necessary sources of life is provided by 3 wind fountains.

Robert the Innocent

One of the main characters is Robert, an orphan raised up by the last wind monk in Asposia. An innocent good-hearted lad knows that he’s “different” and thus he can’t leave the wind monastery without a proper disguise. At least that’s what the wind monk told him. One day a pigeon thief stole a charm from Conroy (the last wind monk) and Robert as his loyal servant has decided to get it back even though he had to go out and chase that stubborn bird. And so his adventure began.

The Inner World PC game
The Inner World: A naughty bird!

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The Inner World is fully hand-drawn and full of cutscenes. The developers made sure that there’s always something to explore on each scene. Puzzles are fun and quite easy to solve. As an adventurer I would say that The Inner World is graphically unique, but overall content is just slightly above average. I did enjoy playing it, no doubt about it. I’ve already played various point-and-click adventures and it’s really hard for me to fall for one since I’ve played The Cat Lady by Harvester Games, Downfall (2009) also by Harvester Games and Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller by Phoenix Online Studios. Those are my all-time besties = would definitely play again and again and again…

The Inner World PC game
The Inner World: Shouldn’t it be for free?

Since I started to compare adventure game titles The Inner World will always be a part of my memories like Candle by Teku Studios or Moebius: Empire Rising by Phoenix Online Studios. Those are games that I enjoyed once. They are really good but not re-playable.

Anyways if you desire some classic point-and-click adventure that won’t hit your intellect too hard, but still is enjoyable, nothing too scandalous but still entertaining. Give The Inner World a try. It’s worth the time.

The Inner World PC game
The Inner World: Is the world finally save?


  • Quite memorable characters
  • Nice setting, unique hand-drawn environment and animations (that pigeon though)
  • Perfect voice acting
  • Ideal play length
  • Innovative help system


  • Story cliché – good vs evil, good always win
  • Follows the first point ↑ plot twists are not so surprising

Score: 68/100

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