The Crow's Eye PC game

The Crow’s Eye – PC Game Review

What is The Crow’s Eye

The Crow’s Eye is a first-person puzzle (“platform”) adventure game set in abandoned Medical University of Crowswood. You just woke up in a room and you don’t remember anything. After a while an insane doctor starts to communicate with you through a walkie-talkie and you soon find out that he is not your friend in any way. You know that Crowswood is not a place with great reputation because 20 years ago some students went missing without trails. Are you one of them? Will you find the truth and escape?

The Crow's Eye PC game
The Crow’s Eye: I know this man…

A little of everything

The Crow’s Eye has it all, I would say. It’s a 3D first-person puzzle adventure full of platform puzzles with a little of crafting. The gaming path is lined up so you fortunately can’t get lost in that “haunted” Medical University, which is pretty extensive. The Crow’s Eye will psychologically terrorize you with various unpleasant situations – crawling through ventilation shafts, haunted and abandoned environment, multilevel platform puzzles, scary and atmospheric audio, etc. The story is narrated through letters, audio tapes and radio.

The Crow's Eye PC game
The Crow’s Eye: Dead audience.

My personal experience

The Crow’s Eye was overall rather a positive gaming experience. But there are things I really hated on this game – unnecessary and stupid jump-scares (giant mutant worms from nowhere), whose existence was shortly reasoned in one of the letters (the reason wasn’t satisfying at all) and platform-jumping (because I’m just not so good at it). And there are few fatal flaws – I accidentally found two bugs – I managed to skip one puzzle, which “should be” solved to get further in the story and the second time I was jumping between platforms and was respawned on the corner of nowhere (see pictures below). Few last negative aspects – the game isn’t well optimized, I played it on Intel Core i5, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 960 4 GB RAM and the gameplay wasn’t smooth nor flawless, and I also found some level design flaws. But enough with bad news, let’s end this review with something positive, shall we? The audio is really great, I haven’t heard such good voice acting in an indie game. The story is told in an interactive way in an atmospheric and changing environment. Puzzles are mostly easy and decipherable. The Crow’s Eye will give you circa 10-12 hours of gameplay. If you like puzzles, platform-jumping, discovering and to be scared, go for it.

The Crow's Eye PC game
The Crow’s Eye: I managed to get through these crates, even though I should be on the other side.


  • Great audio
  • Narrated through letters and recordings
  • Atmospheric
  • Various types of puzzles
  • First-person point of view
  • Changing environment
The Crow's Eye PC game
The Crow’s Eye: Failed experiments.


  • Stupid and unnecessary jump-scares (giant mutant worms)
  • Badly optimized (played on i5, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 960 4 GB RAM …)
  • I accidentally found 2 fatal bugs in the last level (8)
  • Some level design flaws (a moving platform going through glass, gas visible through the wall, broken metal cube physics…)

Score: 61/100

The Crow's Eye PC game
The Crow’s Eye: An illusionary dimension of Medical University.

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