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New Nintendo 2DS XL

When my husband bought himself a New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter edition, he thought I might like to own one too. It was Tuesday 25th July when we decided to go for a New Nintendo 2DS XL that would be available on 28th July in Czech Republic. The specs are pretty much the same as New N3DS XL and it even uses the same software, but it is cheaper (around 180 USD, N3DS XL 240 USD) and doesn’t have 3D function. It’s not a big deal not playing games in 3D, because I wear dioptric glasses and thus I don’t seek for 3D. Don’t get me wrong you don’t need 3D glasses to play 3D games on New N3DS XL obviously. It’s just when I stare at a flat screen I want to see flat 2D content, seeing 3D makes my eyes hurt. What also worth mentioning that New N2DS XL includes AC adapter, New N3DS XL doesn’t.

New Nintendo 2DS XL unboxing video

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