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10 STEAM Keys – October 2016 Giveaway (worth 83,5$)

Dear readers,

We really appreciate your increasing interest in our game reviewing website TD Game Club, and thus we have decided to reward you with first competition, where you can win STEAM game keys.

We would like to do these competitions monthly in the future. Every competition would last one month, so as many people as possible could participate in.

Right now you can join in competition for October 2016, that ends on 31st October. The first competition is shortened and you can win prizes in the total value of 83,5$ (USD)!

The competition is operated over the platform GLEAM.IO

TD Game Club – 10 STEAM Keys giveaway
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Guards – PC Game Review

What is Guards

Guards is a 2.5D turn-based strategic RPG game with simple low poly graphic and nice heroic music in background. From the beginning the game will set your mood right with an interesting fighting technique and with the offer of eight different classes. Naturally you have to progressively buy and upgrade new characters for obtained Mithrils (in-game currency). Before you start your adventure you have to choose a lucky team of four. Each hero has different abilities and can be deadly dangerous in combination with other team members. Every journey has 10 levels and 3 difficulty levels, which are progressively unlocked if you have vanquished the easier level.

Guards PC game
Guards game: choose between 8 different hero classes.

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