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10 STEAM Keys – December 2016 Giveaway (worth 105,9$)

The competition for the month December 2016 takes place right now and is valid until 31st December 2016. Winners will be announced during the first week of January 2017.

The competition is operated over the platform GLEAM.IO

TD Game Club – 10 STEAM Keys Giveaway – December 2016
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Dead Age – PC Game Review

What is Dead Age?

Dead Age is a strategy game about surviving in the world full of living dead. Can you cope in chaos? Can you survive in the hopelessness? Do you like tough decisions and can you withstand the consequences? Are you fans of the zombie classic The Walking Dead? In that case you definitely have to try Dead Age. I personally appreciate that Dead Age’s gaming mechanism is totally different from The Walking Dead series. Dead Age is a combination of old school and modern trends. Good old turn-based fights require a plan, a strategy and fast response in order to survive with minimal losses and while being useful to your blooming community. Dead Age will torment you with a lot of factors. How will you deal with daily fear of your bare life? How will you deal with the loss of those closest to you? And how long will you survive?

Dead Age PC game
Dead Age: Combat environment. Concrete situation – Punks wanted to attact the camp, but guards were experienced enough to catch them in time.

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