Slime Rancher PC game

Slime Rancher – PC Game Review (Early Access)

What is Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a cute 3D farming simulation that features first person exploration. You are the rancher Beatrix LeBeau and you build your own ranch. You already have a land to build on, so let’s get to it! Travel around, explore and suck up adorable round slime creatures into your tuned vacpack. Feed it, collect their valuable poops (plorts) and expand your ranch. Live in a harmony and enjoy the beauty of the Far Far Range world.

Slime Rancher PC game
Slime Rancher: Happy Pink Gorgo slime.

Food chain

Food chain is as cruel as the one in our world. The fact that Far Far Range world is adorable on the first sight doesn’t change anything. Chicken are raised there for a single purpose, and that’s to fill bellies of picky carnivorous slimes. Vegetarians don’t despair, there are strict vegan and frutarian slimes too. 100 slimes 100 senses of taste. Slime’s diets should be strictly complied because they won’t eat different food. You can’t force them and they won’t eat anything else by themselves. I think that slimes in Slime Rancher can’t die of hunger, but it’s still not worth it to let them starve. Because hungry slime is an angry slime and they will do everything they can to escape the fences and to head toward the first edible diet they see.

Slime Rancher PC game
Slime Rancher: Hungry Tabby slimes dreaming about chicken.

Journey begins

In Slime Rancher there are various of types of slimes and food. And to catch some specimens you will have to head quite far away from your ranch. Fortunately, you as proficient handy men are able to create teleports, various mining machines, which will make things easier. But before you create such a teleport, you will have to make considerable efforts. In Slime Rancher everything beautifully follow each other and you are always rewarded for your effort. For example: easier access to distant areas. In addition, once you once a crop gets into your vacpack, you no longer have to make long journeys. You can easily grow anything in your ranch! The only risk is the life of the planted crop (harvest lasts about 3 harvests), if you miss the time for new seedlings, it may happen that you won’t have crops to plant.

Slime Rancher PC game
Slime Rancher: One of many beautiful views with jetpack.

That’s sooo adorable!

Slimes are just irresistibly cute. They are so adorable that you’ll want them all together on the ranch … behind fences. Wild slimes are at risk. First, freely moving slimes mutate uncontrollably, because when they are hungry, they eat a foreign “poo” (Plort). If they violate their diet and eat a foreign Plort slimes mutate in hybrids, which are twice the size and more productive, because they constitute both types of Plorts. All have advantages and disadvantages. When already mutated slime eat another foreign Plort, it will mutate into an aggressive monster, which will destroy and kill everything it encounters. It could be compared to a moving wormhole. But beyond these beastly slimes there are no other dangers (for now).

Slime Rancher PC game
Slime Rancher: Tarr The Destroyer.

Playable EA

Slime Rancher right now is still in an Early Access phase (since 14th January 2016). Even so, it already offers hours of fun. The genre and adorable graphics suits me, but after prolonged playing in Far Far Range I feel so lonely. In the final version, I would certainly appreciate the following points: some story, daily quests (not only voluntary barter trade with other ranchers via vending machine), map (not everyone has a good orientation), greater threat for the ranch (currently my ranch is safe and does not need any protection), ranches in the neighborhood (NPCs), the possibility of death from hunger for slimes (to have a greater incentive to feed them regularly) … I could name a lot more, but I definitely miss named points.

Slime Rancher PC game
Slime Rancher: Grow Radioation slime’s favourite food!


  • beautiful 3D graphic
  • cute environment
  • barter trade option with NPCs via vending machine
  • crafting
  • addictive
  • world to explore
  • building your own ranch
  • interconnected world of Far Far Range
  • vacpack upgrades and ranch upgrades
  • achievements
  • only first person
  • playable EA version
Slime Rancher PC game
Slime Rancher: Fabricating machines.

„Cons“ (alias I would add)

  • missing a world map
  • no story
  • no quests
  • no thread factor
  • I haven’t met any other ranches, I hope there will be some in a final version.

Score: 75/100

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