Slayaway Camp PC game

Slayaway Camp – PC Game Review

What is Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp is a logic 2.5D puzzle game in voxel graphic. This game is a proof that the job as a serial killer of young teenagers isn’t for everybody. Every multiple-murder requires carefully planned steps. And where is the largest concentration of teenagers without caring supervision? Of course in summer camps! You just need an image of horror, a few brutal murderous techniques and let’s get started. Slayaway Camp is sympathetically divided into short levels with 10 or more sublevels. Menu is in the style of a video store specializing in the horror comedy as The Final Girls or Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland. Each level represents one film and every film has its own homicidal maniac. With each completed level you’ll get a main anti-hero as one of the collectible elements in this game. Of course, you can freely choose from collected characters and play with them even in other films.

Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: One of many levels.

The beauty of voxel graphic

Even though Slayaway Camp’s brutality level could be (with a lot of hyperbole) compared to Mortal Combat series, you won’t even notice it in the game itself. Voxel graphic somehow censor the fulsomeness and brutality, but clearly shows what’s going on in the same time. Thus weaker natures like me have no urge to vomit after each brutal scene.

Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: Murderous techniques for sale.

We collect everything!

Slayaway Camp will surely satisfy the majority of passionate virtual collectors with their offers. This game offers several categories of collectibles! First of those are levels = movies and every movie has – as I already mentioned – its own main anti-hero. Second are murderous techniques (e.g. snipping off somebody’s head with garden scissors, shooting with a nail gun etc.) and the last two categories are trading cards and achievements.

Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: Collect as many killers as you can!
Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: “Watch” as many movies as you can!

Ideas has no limits

Every thought out detail counts and particularly for indie games, because it’s one of the ways to gain attention, and thus stand out from the crowd. I was pleasantly surprised by Slayaway Camp’s integrity, everything fits and everything is tuned. Nothing punches the eye and I haven’t seen so well thought out names of sublevels for a long time. Each sublevel is accompanied by a mini game after finishing, where you have to stop the moving cursor at a red field to successfully kill a teenager and win coins for shopping. What else worth mentioning is a decent voice over of various interjections and creative terms like “murderlicious”.

Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: Levels as movies.
Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: Literally.

There is no time for boredom

The environment is well-changing, so you don’t get used it and just when you think that you’re slayin’ all the levels, aggravating elements such as mines, water, fire, cops, S.W.A.T. or furry pets arrives on the scene. I appreciate that the authors also thought of the animal rights. Cats are dynamic obstacles that you have to outsmart or it would be impossible to complete the murder. If you kill an animal, the game ends, because animal abuse isn’t tolerated in Slayaway Camp.

Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: Cops & cats as your enemies.
Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: No animal cruelty is allowed!


I’m really enjoying this game and I definitely rank it among the best in its category. Slayaway Camp is correctly recessive, full of black humor and hidden spoilers. The brutality of this game is easily bearable and the sound is just great. In short, it is obvious that the authors have put a lot of effort in this game and I can only recommend it.

Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: Spoiler too much? Nah! I love it!


  • though out sublevel names
  • voxel graphic – bloody scenes are thereby lightened
  • logic
  • awesome level design – well-changing, creative, definitely not boring
  • collectibles
  • mini games between sublevels – gain coins for shopping (new murderous techniques/killers)
  • levels represent movies
  • various characters – unlocked gradually with completed movies
  • various obstacles
  • funny finish moves
Slayaway Camp PC game
Slayaway Camp: Bribe the Satan for more murderers!


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Score: 84/100

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  1. A very unique game that nobody often play but this man manage to make a great review on this beautiful niche game

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