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SKYHILL is a 2D action roguelike survival RPG game, where hunger is your top enemy. You don’t care if you have to kill an ugly stinking mutant for dog food. You will kill it. And you will gladly eat each granule that’s left. Your apartment is in the VIP 100th floor of the Skyhill hotel, you’ve just witnessed the start of a bio-nuclear war and you were lucky enough to survive thanks to the latest biological defense system in your room. You’re alive, not infested and running out of supplies. Do you have balls big enough to go down?

SKYHILL: discover, loot and kill.

Good. Luck.

Yeah, you will need it for sure. Tons of luck. Only the strongest lucky bastard will survive. Don’t rely on reincarnation. It won’t help you. Skyhill hotel is cursed and changes with each your attempt. You simply never know that’s next, what or who is waiting for you in the next room. If you survive or die is in the hands of your destiny. Is it too hard? Don’t worry, after you fail the first time, SKYHILL is generous to offer you an “easy” difficulty, so you will have the chance to finish the game and get answers.

SKYHILL: universal inventory.

Started from the bottom

The first attempt will be most likely poor but the longer you play, the stronger and experienced you become. When you fail – you will get something. When you win – you will also get something. Great deal, right? And what are we talking about? Perks! Oh yeah, they will make your life easier or harder it’s up to you. What will you choose? Perks are also unexpectable like the Skyhill hotel rooms. But what is expectable are skill points. Every time you kill a mutant you will get XP. What is it good for? The ability to exploit the potential of weapons is dependent on the skill points. You can use every weapon you find or craft even if you’re not skilled enough. The only problem is that you won’t be able to exploit its maximal potential.

SKYHILL: you can choose up to 2 perks.

Bon appetite

Are you a gourmet? No problem. Even in the worst times there’s always time for a good damn meal. You just have to put a little effort to upgrade your kitchen, collect all necessary ingredients and cook it in the VIP suite. Well, a small kitchen knife soon won’t be enough for those grotesque violent mutants. Upgrade your workbench to get new weapon blueprints. You can also upgrade your bed to regenerate more HP while sleeping and your doors to avoid bad events, when you sleep, because that will influence the amount of regeneration.

Gamble too much?

Are you addicted to gambling? Then SKYHILL is right for you! Literally you gamble at every corner here. “Is the key worth the loot inside the locked room? What will I get from the vending machine? Will I miss? Should I rely only on my luck or should I strategize in combats? How long will I survive? Should I try to fix it or not? What happened? Etc.” Questions, question, questions! But where are answers? Torn newspapers, diaries, notes and audio types can answer some of them, but the 3 most wanted secrets are held in the 1st floor. Can you get there?

SKYHILL: hit or miss, survive or die.


  • randomly generated floors
  • voice acting
  • whole bunch of languages to choose from
  • well done graphic and animations
  • main story with side stories
  • multiple endings
  • 4 difficulties
  • achievements
  • trading cards
  • RPG elements


  • a huge difference between “easy” and “normal” difficulty
  • repetitive
  • doesn’t asks you if you want to use a golden key or not
  • no in-game narration
  • just few events (monitors, AI, hangman, messages, trader) for 296 rooms

Score: 57/100

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