Shooting Stars! PC game

Shooting Stars! – PC Game Review

What is Shooting Stars!

Shooting Stars! is a game on the principle of a very old game named Space Invaders, where you move around with your hero on the game screen always of the same size and a lot of enemies in various battle formations flow towards you. Shooting Stars! is indeed funnier than Space Invaders! Authors had replaced the alien attack on the planet Earth with aliens controlling current trendy stars and meme stars.

In Shooting Stars! you are playing as courageous hero named Tscherno. Tscherno’s equipment is his white kitty, which can shoot laser from its eyes. To move around the game screen Tscherno uses hoverboard, which looks like it was from Back To The Future movie. This is definitely very original compared to the Space Invaders!

Shooting Stars! PC game
Shooting Stars!: main menu.

Shoot ‘em all!

Shooter games can’t exist without weapon upgrades and ultimate destructive force, right? In Shooting Stars! you collect weapon upgrades in – I must say – really tasty forms. Would you like a rainbow ice-cream, a doughnut, a huge hamburger or a steak? If you drop one of these goodies Tscherno, more precisely his kitty will gain powerful upgrades like e.g. better laser or passive missile firing (btw. I have no idea from which hole it shoots them.) etc. That’s not all! Next we have an ultimate ability like camera, which noticeably looks very similar to a logo of one popular social media, where you can share your photos with the whole world. Of course there are tons of other abilities and they drop from killed enemies, like in any other Shoot ‘em all game. Ultimate abilities can’t be used all the time, it has a short time cool down to recharge. Briefly, at the beginning of the game you start with a bare butt (a simple laser) and you have to fight for any other improvements!

Shooting Stars! PC game
Shooting Stars!: just shoot them all dead.

Gangbang power-play

In late game you won’t be able to see the difference between the first boss and ordinary enemies. The longer you play it’s obviously harder and ordinary enemies (not to mention bosses) have improved health and weapons. That’s the perfect way to keep the game challenge and difficult. Simultaneously the more weapon improvements you have the more confusing the game screen become. It all flashes too much on the screen.

Shooting Stars! PC game
Shooting Stars!: Justin Bieber as your enemy.

Aliens are behind everything

The main reason, why Shooting Stars! is so fun to play and it’s almost hypnotic, is its colourfulness, action music and mostly garbled names of celebrities and all sorts of meme phenomena. Here you can meet e.g. a famous youtuber PewDiePie under garbled name PewDerPie and probably there’s no need to further elaborate, the whole game is mainly based on this principle. Except for one major message! What if your planet is indeed dominated by celebrities, who are in fact dominated by aliens, so they could control and exploit our weaknesses? You have only one way to find out! Grab your kitty and onto the battle!

Shooting Stars! PC game
Shooting Stars!: aliens are behind everything!


  • very funny for the first play-through
  • nice pixel graphic
  • nice music


  • very stereotypical after a while
  • it’s just a funnier clone of Space Invaders game
  • without meme phenomenon and trendy stars it would be only average

Score: 57/100

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