Rise & Shine PC game

Rise & Shine – PC Game Review

Close your eyes and imagine that this whole planet is a big game. What was it like? Can you even imagine it? If you can’t, Rise & Shine will easily show you! Hold your hats, because this will be very special and often very nerve-wracking ride full of challenges and fun.

I get it. You aren’t much smarter from the initial callout, so let’s start over again from the beginning and I will try my best to introduce Rise & Shine to you. Rise & Shine is a 2D game, which on the first sight looks like a classic old-school arcade game. But that could be only your first impression! Although you’ll enjoy a lot of shooting and guts on the street, the most of the time in the game you will be rather thinking over a strategy how to survive current fight more than how to blow up someone’s head and look in the bowels of his thoughts in the brain as Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movie!

Rise & Shine PC game
Rise & Shine: Awww.

Is it an arcade game or not then?

The answer is simple! Yes and no! The developers of this game have skilfully combined a perfect shooting arcade with a game resembling Dark Souls (especially in terms of frequent death) as if that isn’t enough Rise & Shine is full of puzzles! Exactly! Rise & Shine is a perfect combination of 3 gaming genres! Believe it or not even fans of soul games and puzzle games fans will sweat while playing this 2D arcade game.

Rise & Shine PC game
Rise & Shine: Attack on Titan!

But you can shoot here, can’t you?

Yes, you can shoot in masse and brutally! As you progress through the game, you unlock upgrades of your chatty legendary pistol, which is called Shine. Gradually you will learn how to kill enemies with explosive grenades or how to non-erotically electrify them. There are many ways to kill your enemies, but mostly you will just try your best to survive the fight with all your limbs attached. If you’re really explorative you can find various chests, in which you can find upgrades for your weapon (Shine) in a form of a new bullet type. There aren’t any other upgrades (health, durability etc.)! A weapon modification in a form of laser sight is accompanied by a natural evolution in the game and can’t be influenced.

Rise & Shine PC game
Rise & Shine: Legendary halflife crowbar.

Everything is so beautiful!

Yes, in the game Rise & Shine everything is really beautiful! Whether you’re dying, killing enemies or solving puzzles, it will always be a candy for your eyes. The graphic page of Rise & Shine is top notch and when you consider that it’s an indie game, which doesn’t cost much money, it’s almost unbelievable!

What does my ear hear?

It hears high quality sound of Rise & Shine! It’s almost awkward for me to continue reviewing Rise & Shine and just praising it to the skies! But it’s simply true! Sounds of Rise & Shine have sometimes reminded me of the legendary game Ori and the Blind Forest and therefore I didn’t mind that I was dying pretty often. Music and sound effects perfectly fits the game and what’s important – they aren’t annoying even after frequent level repetition (dying)!

Rise & Shine PC game
Rise & Shine: A treasure chest with upgrades.

Are there any negatives?

Yeah, there are some. I could find few details, that bothers me personally. Although it doesn’t annoy in any way, I would definitely have chosen more detailed HUD (Head-up display). The whole HUD is compact and simple, but it kind of doesn’t match with the beautiful background. Once you finish the game for the first time you realize that it’s actually quite short. I estimate circa 2 hours of gameplay.


We’re almost at the end and I didn’t even mention the story of Rise & Shine. I would compare the story to simpler stories of arcade shooting games and I warn you – don’t expect any great denouements nor finales which will take your breath away. On the other hand, the whole story is cleverly designed and especially fans of older games and generally fans of gaming industry will be often very well entertained. I don’t want to spoil anything, so it’ll be very, very brief! In Rise & Shine on one beautiful sunny day hostile soldiers attacked your home planet, they are led by someone, who didn’t mean it badly with you from the beginning. So take care of all those enemies, say hello to the mushroom king, play basketball on the NPC Island and restart. Don’t understand? Never mind! You will understand!

Rise & Shine PC game
Rise & Shine: Black pesa.


The game Rise & Shine really surprised me. Although it is a 2D game that might remind a silly 2D arcade game at first glance, the opposite is true! Rise & Shine will fill you with happiness, hatred and it will serve you a hearty serving of fun. Rise & Shine clearly belongs to hilarious games and I really enjoyed playing it and enjoyed every single moment.


  • Beautiful graphic
  • Super music, that doesn’t get old and matches perfectly
  • The game is funny and not boring
  • Lots of fun spoilers (of popular/legendary games)
  • I was as proud to finish Rise & Shine as I was while I finished Dark Souls 3 (It’s challenging!)
  • Even though it’s hard (you die a lot), you still want to win the game!


  • Too short

Score: 80/100

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