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Realm Royale Alpha Early Access – PC Game Review

Battle royale Realm Royale

Realm Royale is a multiplayer survival „last man standing“ or if you want battle royale type of game published by Hi-Rez Studios, which you might know for developing Smite or Paladins. Hi-Rez Studios are well known for their free-to-play massively popular game genres. Paladins could be an alternative of for example Overwatch as well as Realm Royale is definitely an alternative for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) / Fortnite. As I mentioned Hi-Rez Studios doesn’t charge for their games so that logically lead us to micro-transactions. Yes, Paladins and Realm Royale both have rare / epic / legendary cosmetic items that you can spend your real money on. But back to Realm Royale, shall we?

Realm Royale PC game
Realm Royale: Badass landing.

Alpha Early Access

Right now (8th July 2018) Realm Royale is in the Alpha stage (which mean it’s not a finished product). So don’t expect it to run smoothly. I gave it circa 16 hours of gameplay and managed to stumble upon a few major bugs that can easily make your games sour. For example, those nice stone towers and wooden stairs are not your friends no-uh. You know playing as tall handsome guys / beauties… It’s pretty hard to move fast and smooth when you need to go upstairs. Because nearly every damn time I got stuck there. Not stuck-stuck but stuck for a sec and we all know that seconds are everything in competitive games. To make it clearer, there are some places that you can only access by crouching and moving forward, but those stairs ain’t one of them.

Another bug happened right before landing (In battle royale games before you can hunt and kill each other you have to land on the map / island from a flying vehicle). I remember that opened the chat window (pressed Enter) probably to say hello to my fellow teammates and before saying hello I wanted to check on the map (hold Tab) and that’s when it happened. I released Tab but the map was still showing on my screen. It’s not see-through so I needed to get rid of it ASAP – pressed Esc – nothing, pressed Tab – nothing, pressed Enter – hurray it disappeared but I haven’t won yet. Because I just have to regularly check on my map status in these games I can’t afford to be “blind” any longer than I should be. So if my map was bugged before the game even started it was bugged the whole game. So instead of hold Tab – release Tab I had to hold Tab – release Tab – press Enter. Annoying right?

Realm Royale PC game
Realm Royale: Stairs bug mentioned.

Gameplay possibilities

Don’t get me wrong Realm Royale is still a functional game that you can enjoy. Are you a lone wolf or you just don’t like to rely on / be responsible for others? Play Solo mode. Do you have a friend / BF or GF to play with? Go for Duo mode. Or you just love to hunt in a pack like hyenas? There’s Squad mode waiting for you then. All three modes are ranked – V to I Bronze – Diamond, then Master rank and Grandmaster. I’ve also checked some facts about ranking. As I thought you cannot lose already earned ranks. And I didn’t notice any differences in gameplays as the rank went up and up. Right now it seems like ranks in Alpha just say: “Aye, you survived long enough mate.” But I cannot confirm nor disprove that it somehow influences the matchmaking. But I strongly believe that the ranking system will be on the whole new level (not just a gameplay journal) in the finished version of Realm Royale.

There’s only one map in Alpha. I hope there’ll be more variations in the future. I have nothing against playing on the same map and discovering and memorizing the best places for your playstyle, but sometimes everyone needs a distraction from an unknown world, right? Overall why should you give Realm Royale a try? What is so different about it? There’s plenty of battle royale games out there. First of all Realm Royale offers role-playing. You can choose between 5 classes with 4 different active skills, 1 passive skill and 1 body ability (as seen below). Weapons can be looted from either weapon chest or common chest, skills, and armor also drop from the common chest.

Realm Royale PC game
Realm Royale: 5 classes, 4 skills (yeah, they have double picture bugs there), 1 passive trait and 1 body ability.

Hi-Rez Studios also implemented some game-changing mechanisms such as legendary chests that are dropped from the sky and contain legendary weapons. In Realm Royale in order to forge a legendary weapon, you have to obtain a golden chicken by killing a player first, so legendary chests are a nice twisting element for those, who haven’t killed anyone yet. Killing someone also means that you can grab whatever they’ve owned but before that, you have to hunt down the chicken. Yes, in Realm Royale you can be turned into a chicken up to 3 times before it’s game over. After you lose all your HP, you turn into a chicken and with very limited mobility and speed you can run and hide. If managed to hide long enough after 30 sec your hero’s back with ½ health and no armor. The chicken mode is a funny element that spices up the gameplay. What’s also unique that you can forge potions, legendary armor/weapon/class weapon and hop on a mount whenever you need.

Overall Realm Royale is a fantasy-based battle royale game in development with unique game mechanisms. This game is a worthy opponent of PUBG or Fortnite or any other battle royale game out there.

Alpha Pros

  • Forging system
  • Funny chicken mode
  • 5 classes (Warrior, Mage, Engineer, Assassin, Hunter) – different skills, abilities and class weapons
  • Fantasy-based battle royale game
  • Ranking system
  • 3 gameplay modes – solo, duo, squad
  • Free-to-play

Alpha Cons

  • Only one map
  • Map bugs
  • Keyboard bug – mentioned up (3rd paragraph)

Score: 65/100

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