Plantera PC game

Plantera – PC Game Review

What is Plantera

Plantera is a colorful casual clicker game full of adorable animals. It’s really relaxing and a good mood booster. Even if the weather outside is grey and gloomy, with Plantera your room will shine in the darkest darkness.

Plantera PC game
Plantera: crops menu.

Beauty in simplicity

Plantera is a great example of how nice can pixel graphic look like. It’s not too detailed nor too simple. Animations are flawless and the music will sometimes make you bob to the beat. Everything is appropriate.

Idle or action – is that a question?

Yes indeed! Your blue chubby garden masters are independent but you can lend them a hand whenever you want to. You can harverst full grown crops or pluck fruit trees or earn extra coins by clicking on shining butterflies, black moles or cute little ladybugs.

Plant, invest and defend

Random or systematic – it’s up to you. Let your garden grow, expand it and attract new blue creatures. Buy farm animals and live in harmony. Uh-oh. Juicy fruits and tasty vegetables don’t atrract only blue farmers but it also attract critters like crows and rabbits! And who will protect farm animals from foxes and wolves? Woof woof it’s guard dog, the faithful companion that will protect your garden from every threat.

Plantera PC game
Plantera: upgrade menu.

Idle features

Plantera as an idle game lives even though your PC is off. At the beginning blue workers will work 1 hour “overtime”, then they will go to sleep and wake up when you turn the game on the next time. You naturally can prolong the working time or double the coin production forever for in-game currency (coins). With each harvested crop you also gain xp, when xp bar is filled and you level up, usually you will attain something – a blue helper or better crops etc.

Plantera PC game
Plantera: level 97 and reward.


I’m not a big fan of idle or clicker games but I didn’t mind playing Plantera at all. I saw achievable achievements and cute design – that’s what got me. I like to have “perfect games” (100% of achievements unlocked) on my Steam account and this one will be the next one.


  • cute pixel graphic
  • nice music
  • RPG elements
  • classic idle relaxing game
  • flawless animations
  • profile leveling
  • achievable achivements


  • it soon gets repetitive
  • just few types of crops
  • I wouldn’t have a motive to play this game if there wasn’t achievements
  • it’s not my cup of tea but still playeable

Score: 50/100

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