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Mafia 3 – Graphical glitches

Mafia 3 was released only a few hours ago and now you can see graphic glitches from Mafia 3 all over the internet. Please keep in mind that this short article is not here to denigrate the game Mafia 3, but rather to laugh at successful and funny glitches. Nowadays every anticipated TOP game for a lot of money is full of errors.

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - mirror
Mafia 3: Is it really a mirror? Or a path to another dimension?

The funniest and the most uploaded glitch from Mafia 3 is undoubtedly a graphical glitch in front of the mirror. It makes you wonder if you really are staring at the same world or is it a second dimension?

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - mirror
Mafia 3: Is somebody there?
Mafia 3 graphical glitches - mirror
Mafia 3: Mafia mirrors are againts math.

In Mafia 3 you can occasionally run into a maintenance man, who probably wanted to become the first superhero in Mafia 3 with an ability to walk through walls. Well, he has to train a lot because now he tends to stuck in the wall, but at least he’s always stuck in a very original pose.

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - janitor
Mafia 3: The janitor is training for X-Men competition.

Not everyone knows that Mafia 3 came with a solution for future ecological generation! Would you like to spend less on fuel? Just drive into the car that is in front of you, stuck your wheel in it and saving is guaranteed!

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - economic car
Mafia 3: This is way better than electric cars!

If you’re planning to play Mafia 3 on an ultra-wide monitor, you’ll be partially immortal. So called bloody effect in only displayed in 16:9.

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - bloody screen
Mafia 3: Does that mean that I’m partially immortal?

In Mafia 3 it isn’t possible to directly change your skin color at the hairdressers as in other games. Yet the game itself here and there makes fun of you and turns you into a gray zombie. Gray isn’t a natural human skin color but still a big plus!

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - skin color
Mafia 3: The walking dead.

The new cult movie Matrix sequel is coming! Some characters in Mafia 3 are able to stop before their death in the air while trying to dodge bullets! Unfortunately, in vain…

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - Matrix
Mafia 3: I always wanted to be Neo from Matrix!

Flying cars proof that Mafia 3 is really a timeless game. It’s a shame that those don’t exist yet in real life. Yeah, 70’s were years of science evolution…

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - the flying car
Mafia 3: Flying car in 70’s and we only have Lexus hoverboard in 2016. What a shame.

Another super-power was found in Mafia 3! Now it is possible to attach to the game environment like Mr. Fantastic from Fantastic Four! More detailed usage of this superpower hasn’t yet been clarified.

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - phase body
Mafia 3: Mr. Fantastic is his idol.

Do you like Star Wars? Now you can also use basic ability of telekinesis like the Jedi knights.

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - Jedi mind trick
Mafia 3: I can’t be the killer, I ain’t touching the gun!

How nice! People used to be so hardworking! Sometimes laborer put so much effort into work, until he lost his head, literally.

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - headless foe
Mafia 3: Headless enemy.

A lot of people had convinced themselves that we shouldn’t step on a hot asphalt. The characters in Mafia 3 don’t really care about warnings. So they paid a heavy price when they wanted to do a picnic on the street.

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - asses in the asphalt
Mafia 3: Fresh asphalt isn’t the best place to have a picnic…

Do you know the legendary horror movie The Fly? No? Never mind! Characters in Mafia 3 knows it well and likes to pretend that they are flies.

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - enemy on the wall
Mafia 3: I believe I am a fly.

If you like poker then we have great news for you! In Mafia 3 there are plenty of those who are infernally craving to play it.

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - burned poker bodies
Mafia 3: Burning Harlem Shake.

It’s hard to say if Mafia 3 developers like pants more than it’s healthy or they think that legs are the new master race in the gaming industry. Anyways sometimes you can stumble upon…well, simply legs…

Mafia 3 graphical glitches - leg from the floor
Mafia 3: He thinks that he’s an ostrich.

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