Leaving Lyndow PC game

Leaving Lyndow – PC Game Review

What is Leaving Lyndow

Leaving Lyndow is a very short 3D first-person exploration adventure with a beautiful graphic and details. It tells a story about Clara, a girl that lives her dream that she really worked hard for. It’s her last day in her hometown, which is the right time for saying her goodbyes to everyone and every favourite place. Goodbyes are mostly hard and emotional, but it’s also relieving when she knows that her mom supports her in everything she’s doing. But not everyone is like her mom. She also has to face criticism from her uncle.

Leaving Lyndow PC game
Leaving Lyndow: The architecture is in harmony with nature.

Pain and memories

Visiting Clara’s favourite places raises her old memories and wounds. She lost her dad on one of his research journeys, which in fact didn’t discourage her lust to do the same thing, to explore the world. Quite the opposite she believes that her dad died doing what he loved and she would not be able to live in Lyndow knowing that something exciting is behind those blue fields.

Leaving Lyndow PC game
Leaving Lyndow: Clara’s dad probably died on this ship.

Is it a prologue?

Leaving Lyndow ends right before the exciting and dangerous journey. Does it have another episode? Is it a prologue to the real 3D first-person exploration adventure with stunningly beautiful graphic? If yes, I’m looking forward to play it!

Leaving Lyndow PC game
Leaving Lyndow: A beautiful landscape.


  • Retrospective memories
  • First-person exploration adventure
  • Beautiful graphic
  • Tells a message
  • Mini games/puzzles
Leaving Lyndow PC game
Leaving Lyndow: A new town is builed.


  • Short
  • Does it have sequel?!?!

Score: 69/100

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