King Oddball PC game

King Oddball – PC Game Review

Right at the outset I must say that I have doubted for a long time if I really want to review the King Oddball game. Don’t take me wrong, the game itself is good, but I personally felt like a donkey, when I was playing it. The feeling, when you spend so much time on something and you can’t vanquish it, is very frustrating. Well, I didn’t complete King Oddball by the end, but I did my best to gather as many information as I could to be able to introduce King Oddball to you and also to review it.

What is King Oddball about?

King Oddball will most likely remind you the much more famous game Angry Birds. Just like Angry Birds King Oddball is a game based on physics and accuracy with some differences of course. In Angry Birds you have a group of different birds with a story about saving the stolen eggs. In King Oddball you are a king big as a tank, who flies on the sky, have a stone helm and want to destroy the world. Soldiers, tanks, helicopters and a lot of blocking materials will make your attempt to destroy the world harder.

King Oddball PC game
King Oddball: Principle of the game.

Game mechanics

In Angry Birds you have a slingshot and with its help you aim your enemies or other things which you need to complete the task – location clearing. In King Oddball you have a long tongue and a boulder is attached at the end of it. The tongue including the king is moving from left to right like a pendulum and it’s up to you to release the stone at the right moment to inflict the most damage. At the beginning of each level you have 3 stones by means of which you should easily solve the current level. Sometimes it’s enough to use only 1 stone. Later you will need more than 3 ones. Wait, wait! Did I say that you have only 3 stones per level? Yes, indeed you have. But there are 2 ways to gain extra stones. When you bounce the stone at a right angle from something back to the king, you get an extra stone! Or when you destroy 3 or more hostile objects with one stone you also get an extra stone!

King Oddball PC game
King Oddball: Combo.


I’ve never had problems playing Angry Birds because I could aim my targets. In King Oddball you just release the stone on the basis of the pendulum but you still have to focus much more than in Angry Birds. Think of it this way, that you must release the stone when the tongue is in the proper inclination, and then it also depends on where it will bounce away. At the beginning you will be comfortably able to complete levels with 3 stones, but later when you will have e.g. 10 enemy targets you have to calculate every move!

King Oddball PC game
King Oddball: in-game stats.

Anything else?

Forget about stars after every finished level which you know from Angry Birds. In King Oddball you unlock various challenges by how far you get. The progressive challenge unlocking really surprised me and at first I thought that there’s nothing else in this game. As I got farther through the battle map I stumbled upon a diamond. So I clicked on the diamond and I found out that it’s a challenge level, where you have to complete the level without using a diamond (the last stone is replaced with a diamond). Similar challenges are all over the battle map and they are really difficult to complete.

King Oddball PC game
King Oddball: World battle map.


Forget about Angry Birds simplicity! In King Oddball you have to deserve the progress. At the beginning the game seems to be very easy, but later it will give you very hard times due to the hard difficulty. King Oddball isn’t a bad game, it’s a good game based on physics and calculation, but honestly it’s not for everyone. Do you like challenges and you’re a genius of calculation at the same time? Then King Oddball is a game for you! If you’re not able to finish the first Angry Birds levels, search somewhere else.


  • nice hand-drawn graphic
  • funny and original theme
  • the game is challenging


  • no accompanying story during gameplay
  • this game won’t suit everyone for the further difficulty
  • after a while the background become stereotyped
  • more suitable for mobile devices

Score: 54/100

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