Just Ignore Them PC game

Just Ignore Them – PC Game Review

What is Just Ignore Them

Just Ignore Them is a short pixel-graphic point-and-click adventure with slightly horror atmosphere. It has multiple endings and they’re based on your choices. To be exact a good one and a bad one. To achieve the good one, you have to behave well. To play the bad one, just kill someone when you have the chance. So there’s no science. What I really like is how open and uncensored are the dialogs between two main characters. Yes, Just Ignore Them warns you in the beginning that it contains violence, strong language and disturbing graphic. But c’mon pixelated disturbing graphic doesn’t even count. It’s pixelated… Even though Just Ignore Them managed to stay creepy and messed-up in the right way.

Just Ignore Them PC game
Just Ignore Them: 8 years old Mark.

Innocence is just a mask

Everything was so innocent on the beginning. But as you progress through the story, you will slowly reveal it all. I’m not sure if it was on purpose, but some scenes are confusing and doesn’t make sense, when you learn the truth in the final part of the game. [Spoilers!] Why would you worry about someone you killed with your own hands. And why would a co-worker lie about the body hanging from the roof. [Spoilers end] Because this part makes sense only when you are heading towards the good end, not the bad one. And this means that the story has plot twists changing the whole perspective, which is great in my opinion. This makes everything more interesting.

Just Ignore Them PC game
Just Ignore Them: Little Mark searching for a key.


Just Ignore Them managed to be interesting the whole time even though it’s short. Game screen area is too small to be needing hints on action spots (those little shining stars indicating items you can interact with). That makes it almost fool-proof and that’s not a trait I’m looking for. It’s a shame because this makes the story even shorter. The technical issue with achievements was solved with dispatch. Still it’s a great game for a great price and it’s re-playable (for the achievements and two endings).

Full walkthrough (good ending): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrP2DXBUAr4

Just Ignore Them PC game
Just Ignore Them: Jiwi monster named Kopikat.


  • Very open uncensored dialogs
  • Thrilling storyline
  • Multiple endings
  • Re-playable
  • Lots of achievements
  • You can make choices
Just Ignore Them PC game
Just Ignore Them: Brea and her near death experience.


  • Little illogical flaws in the scenario
  • Short
  • Interactive spots are highlighted

Score: 69/100

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