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Jets’n’Guns 2 – Interview with Pavel Tovarys

Jets’n’Guns is a PC game from a Czech indie game development team Rake in Grass. The game Jets’n’Guns was released for the first time on 17th November 2004 and the “GOLD” extended version was released later on December 2006 (Jets’n’Guns Gold) and since 5th February 2014 the game Jets’n’Guns Gold is also available on STEAM. It’s one of the best shoot ’em up shooting games from Czech developers of all time. Now after several years team Rake in Grass have finally decided to seriously work on the sequel called Jets’n’Guns 2. The spokesman of Rake in Grass team, Pavel Tovaryš, has answered our questions.

Jets'n'Guns 2 PC game
Jets’n’Guns 2: Game preview #1.

Hi Pavel, would you mind introducing yourself a little? What is your position in the Rake in Grass studio and what actually is Rake in Grass? Tell us something about team’s history and which titles have you already published ever since.

Rake in Grass is a small indie team of three developers. We do exist almost 20 years, thus I would call us veterans 🙂 We’ve published 11 titles right under Rake in Grass studio and more than 20 casual games playable on various operation systems including e.g. PSP or old PocketPC.

As a fan of the original Jets’n’Guns game I was very pleased to see pictures of Jets’n’Guns 2. Well, I must say that you took a long time with the announcement of the sequel and few people grew old in the meantime. In any event, it’s one of your cult games, were you looking forward to work on the development of Jets’n’Guns 2 and why it took you so long to decide?

Jets’n’Guns was a quite difficult project and overcoming it would be a great challenge. And even though Jets’n’Guns was really popular in the world we couldn’t make it to the STEAM several years, which has dismissed our game several times. And being available on platforms like STEAM is very decisive especially for this type of game. Finally, we’ve succeed with Greenlight authorization system, in which Jets’n’Guns was approved during only two days, which become a motivation for us.

Jets’n’Guns 2 is graphically very similar to the original Jets’n’Guns, yet Jets’n’Guns 2 graphics has come a long way. So which graphic differences has Jets’n’Guns 2 from the original one?

We have decided to keep the spirit of the old Jets’n’Guns, because we want to create a game in the similar style. Of course, the whole engine is new, the graphics are in full HD resolution, levels are built freely instead of the traditional grid, there will be new effects (especially for weapons), including modern shaders etc.

Which engine are you using? If you’re using a custom made one, how is it called? Did you make it from scrap just for Jets’n’Guns 2 or is it a modification of an existing engine?

The engine is our own one and is based on the framework “Monogame” and it uses another libraries as e.g. “Farseer” for the physics simulation. It’s also completely optimized only for Jets’n’Guns 2. It doesn’t have an official name but sometimes we hear the engine programmer’s whispering “My precious…” 🙂 in his room.

The original Jets’n’Guns was a humorous and hilarious arcade shooter full of spoilers of all possible. Will Jets’n’Guns 2 keep the humour from its predecessor?

Without it – it wouldn’t be Jets’n’Guns 🙂 You will find spoilers and jokes in a greater concentration here. Enemies and bosses will be also crazier.

Jets'n'Guns 2 PC game
Jets’n’Guns 2: Game preview #2.

Approximately how many levels are awaiting us in Jets’n’Guns 2? Will Jets’n’Guns 2 be bigger than the original one?

Unfortunately, we still don’t know. It won’t be easy to exceed Jets’n’Guns’s content (e.g. there are almost 300 types of enemies!), but we’ll try. In any case, we want to add another weapon types, greater freedom in the spaceship editing and more equipment. And the story line won’t be so linear and it will be possible to replay levels or to play them in various orders.

What is the playability in Jets’n’Guns 2 like? I presume that the controller support will be included for sure, but are there any differences compared to Jets’n’Guns?

The basis will be very similar but we are planning an expansion. A whole new weapon class related to so called ultra attacks will be added. The spaceship equipment and the weapon and device combination will play greater roles here to achieve the maximal fire potential. E.g. enemy hacking will be also changed, yes, hacking in Jets’n’Guns was interesting, but not completely flawless.

The first sequel of Jets’n’Guns had indeed a perfect soundtrack, and thus its fans will be pleased to read the fact that the same music makers will be also working on Jets’n’Guns 2. But that’s quite a few years ago, will be the music in Jets’n’Guns 2 modernized or it’ll stay with its musical roots?

That’s a good question. We are glad that the Swedish group Machinae Supremacy, which did the original soundtrack, agreed to collaborate again. We have a certain idea that we’ll regularly consult with them, but otherwise we let it on them.

And what about multi-player? Will Jets’n’Guns 2 support split screen or even online playing? Will there be player rankings by score, etc.?

We are not planning online co-op right now. We are thinking about cooperation, but not split screen, rather something like in Silk Worm. But we aren’t swearing anything 🙂 But hopefully there will be leaderboards.

What about end game content? What will be next? Are you planning the same system like in Jets’n’Guns, where you can play the whole game again just in harder difficulty or are you planning something special for though guys who want to play it again and again?

Some mad (in the positive way) players did unbelievable things in Jets’n’Guns and played it again and again. So we want to make the game more interesting for them. There are some ideas, but we haven’t decided which way to go yet. But we have plans.

Jets'n'Guns 2 PC game
Jets’n’Guns 2: Game preview #3.

How much effort it takes you to develop Jets’n’Guns 2 and how is it with the game release? Are you planning Early Access or we have to wait for the final version? And when we’re at it, on which platforms will be Jets’n’Guns released and what about assumed price?

It costs us a lot of effort. The truth is that we are not those young enthusiasts anymore, who could work 16 hours per day. But we’re fighting. Nevertheless, we want quality and quality will be always more important than deadlines, that’s why we don’t have any. We are planning Early Access. It would be great if we would be able to release it by the end of this year. Windows platform is crucial for us. Mac we do somehow automatically. And by the end of the development we will also think about some game consoles. So we’ll see.

Thanks a lot for the interview and we are wishing you luck with the development of Jets’n’Guns 2!


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