Guards PC game

Guards – PC Game Review

What is Guards

Guards is a 2.5D turn-based strategic RPG game with simple low poly graphic and nice heroic music in background. From the beginning the game will set your mood right with an interesting fighting technique and with the offer of eight different classes. Naturally you have to progressively buy and upgrade new characters for obtained Mithrils (in-game currency). Before you start your adventure you have to choose a lucky team of four. Each hero has different abilities and can be deadly dangerous in combination with other team members. Every journey has 10 levels and 3 difficulty levels, which are progressively unlocked if you have vanquished the easier level.

Guards PC game
Guards game: choose between 8 different hero classes.

Off to battle

The fight takes place on the chessboard of size 3×7. Each character has given field of activity and the number of possible targets. To play your move, it is always necessary to swap the positions of two of your characters. Your heroes are placed into 2 rows – 3 in the first one and one in the second one. If you move a hero from the front to the back, he/she will be healed every turn that he/she stay there. But when you move a hero from the back to the front, you will activate their special abilities.

Guards PC game
Guards game: win the battle!


Is it too hard for you? Is the final boss permanently kicking your ass? You can boost your heroes and turn the score! You can buy different boosts for Mithrils in the shop – potions, stone slabs of time etc. To be able to use more useful things on your road, you have to conquer as many levels as you can or complete as many quests as you can – in order to get stars. With those stars you can upgrade your passive skills (e.g. more inventory slots, better healing, more coins for upgrades).

Guards PC game
Guards game: upgrade your skills.


There are 2 different types of upgrades in this game – permanent (for Mithrils) or temporary (for coins). After each successful level, you can temporarily upgrade your heroes (more hp, better attacks…) for the collected coins and if you lose, the effect disappears. Usually you can’t buy all the offered improvements, so you have to decide and tactically buy the best ones.


Guards was an interesting experience. I enjoyed the competition which this game caused in me, but at this moment I have vanquished all levels of difficulty and most of achievements. The game does not attract me further on and maybe I will come back to it after a larger update patch.


  • interesting combat system
  • simple low poly 3D graphic
  • RGP elements
  • attainable achievements
  • difficulty levels work and do gradate
  • cca 13 hours of gameplay
  • developers are trying to fix reported bugs


  • tutorial is too brief, text disappear too fast, someone might have problem with the first orientation
  • absolutely no story
  • bad visibility of the active hero – decided my final boss fight (you can easily miss-click and ruin your turn)
  • achievements doesn’t work (I completed ASSASSIN – Kill 5 enemies using one hero in one turn but not KILLER – Kill 3 enemies using one hero in one turn?update (4.9.2016) developers fixed it in patch #2, I completed TERMINATOR – Terminate 300 enemies in one session but not LIQUIDATOR – Liquidate 200 enemies in one session…)
  • unclear quest tasks (don’t know how to complete them)
  • I have to remember used potions, if I use it, there’s no sign of the buff and how long it will last

Score: 60/100

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