Floppy Heroes PC game

Floppy Heroes – PC Game Review

What is Floppy Heroes

Floppy Heroes is a game based on physics, where you fight in zero gravity. Because you can’t fully control your heroes, you have to be even more alert and react as quick as possible. Your task in this game is simple – to kill all your enemies, but to achieve that isn’t that easy. In single-player mode you are on your own, in multi-player you can built a team of up to 6 local players (2 on the keyboard + 4 gamepads). Floppy Heroes also offers different variations of multi-player mode: all vs titan, all vs all or a tournament. What Floppy Heroes forgot is to add a co-op option into Single-player mode. You can play co-op in Custom Game-modes, but levels don’t gradate there. I personally find co-op + level gradation very important to keep players motivated in this types of games.

Floppy Heroes PC game
Floppy Heroes: Main menu.

A little bit RPG

The equipment of your puppet heroes has influence on their degree of agility. Generally, for weapons applies the more damage it deals the heavier it is. Armor works on the similar basis only with protection. At the start of the game you can choose from 3-4 things from each category (helms, boots, gloves, chest pieces, one-hand weapons or two-hands). To unlock more equipment you have to gain keys by winning Single-player mode.

Floppy Heroes PC game
Floppy Heroes: Create your own hero, save your customization and kick some asses!

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched

In Floppy Heroes nothing is guaranteed. That you don’t have guaranteed which way you will head in the next second is understandable, because this game is about this kind of randomness. But even when you strip your opponent off of all armor, it doesn’t mean that you will win that match. Yeah, that happened to me. My opponent has beaten me with his own unprotected head and killed me right a second before I could kill him. I must mention that I still had some armor functional. Because of what can happen here, I personally wouldn’t recommend this game to hotheads. That’s when you’re trying to win the whole round and you miss by one rotation. Well, whatever. Let’s start again from the beginning!

Floppy Heroes PC game
Floppy Heroes: Kill your enemy first!


Finally, I would like to mention that although I was skeptical to Floppy Heroes in the beginning, it quite came to my taste. Anyway I would really appreciate greater selection of equipment or at least bigger differences in stats. Because current equipment is quite useless because of very similar or even same stats. Thus there isn’t many combinations to make different efficiency. And also I miss one thing in Floppy Heroes – the co-op option in Single-player mode, where the levels do gradate. This type of games is more enjoyable in two.

Floppy Heroes PC game
Floppy Heroes: Custom game-modes menu.


  • quite addictive
  • it’s challenging
  • unclear result of the battle until the last moment
  • single-, multi-player
  • option to customize heroes
  • option to customize game-modes


  • doesn’t support Full HD resolution (1920×1080)
  • no co-op in single-player mode
  • lots of equipment but little differences between them – only few combinations possible

Score: 53/100

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