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Fallout Shelter – PC Game Review

Fallout Shelter is a simulation game which is free to play. In Fallout Shelter you can experience what is it like to lead your own Vault. Fallout Shelter was originally a mobile game – in June 2015 it was released for iOS devices, in September 2015 for Android devices and in July 2016 finally for PC Windows. Even though Fallout Shelter is only a relaxing game, it will entertain you every day for a pretty long time!

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Tom‘s Fallout Shelter review:

In Fallout Shelter you mainly take care of the running of your Vault more than resident’s daily needs. There is no rule that residents of your vault should be maximally happy (i.e. 100%). If they are happy enough (+/- 70%) you will get few Caps in the end of the in-game day, which in modern world isn’t even enough for a lunch and a toilet fee. Theoretically it’s not worth it to significantly pursue happiness of Vault residents, because I haven’t witnessed any impact of happiness on work efficiency. Back to daily rewards, if you play Fallout Shelter every day 7 days in a row, you will get a favourite Vault-tec Lunchbox in the end of the 7th day, which can be compared to the card pack in the Hearthstone game. Every lunchbox contains 5 different cards and at least one of them is a rare item. Cards from lunchboxes represents all kind of things, which you can attain in the game (except Mr. Handy – he has his own special “loot box”).

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: post-apocalyptic architecture.

In the world of Fallout Shelter you have to provide your Vault with three basic resources of survival. Those are power, food and water. Everything can be obtained from the appropriate rooms that produce these resources (surprising, huh?). Naturally with a growing Vault population you have to also provide more space (Living quarters) for its inhabitants, which mainly serves as reproduction room more like place to rest. Other rooms that you can build are storage room, training room, which improve resident’s stats and last but not least is barber shop, where you can grow your dream mustache. Although Fallout Shelter doesn’t have social elements like game The Sims, you can still have fun building different rooms.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: be yourself and dye your hair pink!

I already have mentioned improving of the resident’s stats or skills thus I have to emphasise that Fallout Shelter is a slightly RPG game too. Although there aren’t as many RPG elements in the game, there are still things that you can train/improve. The stats are the same as in other Fallout games – S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck). Maximum character level is 50 (you can easily farm it in the Wasteland). If you have two dwellers level 50 with maximum stats and different sex, their children will be legendary. And that’s why it’s worth it to patiently wait and train Vault dwellers. Forget family incest and other sexual orgies, because that’s not going to happen in Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: adrenaline will be your new drug.

Sending dwellers out is an important source of Caps, outfits, weapons and last but not least source of junk, which is used for crafting useful items. When you send someone outside, you can read their diary entries, where is written everything – what are they experiencing, what they saw, what they killed. As a Fallout fan I really appreciate this diary feature and I enjoy reading it, because it makes me imagine things that are happening. Unfortunately these entries are stereotyped and generally are often repeated as you play Fallout Shelter longer. While exploring here and there your Vault dweller runs across a random location in Wasteland, which always has a small task. Usually you have to kill all enemies and you get a bonus reward for it. Fallout Shelter also offers another form of tasks – you can send a team of 3 or less dwellers on a predetermined mission. Rewards from these missions are also predetermined, but you can find other useful stuffs while exploring the quest location (which is way bigger than random ones).

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: Pip-Boy diary.

Although Fallout Shelter is free to play, you can still buy things like Vault-tec lunchboxes, Mr. Handy or Pet carriers in the game store with micro-transactions. You can also buy Nuka-colas Quantum which can speed up 2 hours in the game. E.g. if it takes 4 hours to arrive at the target location, using two Nuka-colas will shrink the waiting time to a few seconds. Even though Fallout Shelter isn’t “Pay to win” type of game and it can be played without the slightest investment. By the way Nuka-colas drop normally in game, so you really don’t have to buy them.

In conclusion I must say that Fallout Shelter is a great game and the developers are still working on it and they are also adding new contents. It is a pity that the game didn’t come out on PC at the same time as for mobile phones. Doing so Fallout 4 would have greater advertisement and overall greater hype, even though at the time Fallout Shelter was not as mature as it is today (and it still matures). It has its flaws (I would really appreciate better combat system on PC versions) and after some time it gets stereotyped. But I still play it every day for a few minutes to check on my Vault dwellers. Fallout Shelter is in the end for the best price – free.

Deny’s Fallout Shelter review:

What is Fallout Shelter?

Fallout Shelter is a classic farming game, but instead of growing carrots and cucumbers you will collect weapons, outfits and useful items from households from 60’s to 70’s and you also won’t control a beautiful and colourful farm full of adorable animals but a cold underground shelter (Vault xxx). As an Overseer you will lead your Vault and your mission will be day-to-day functioning, you will you take care of its people and their future is entirely in your hands. Do you want to have a male prison? You got it. Or you would rather a Vault full of gentle sex? It is also possible but what isn’t possible is a Vault full of degenerated and disabled children from incest. There are other games for that…

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: to lead or not to lead – that’s the question.

The future in your hands

But back to the future. While the world is slowly recovering from a nuclear war your job is to save the humankind. Your title of Overseer is a socially accepted equivalent of a Pimp. Yes, you decide who is allowed to have children and with whom. As Tom had mentioned it is worth it to wait for a max level legendary alpha couple, who will give birth to legendary children with whom is less work to level them up. But if you just need a few people for the number, build a radio station and lure some and when you don’t need them anymore just send them away. Post-apocalyptic world is cruel and someone have to do those kinds of decisions. You.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: children are our future.

Nice companions

Furry and feathered companions will make your life in the Vault more pleasant. They won’t just stir survivor’s soul but they will make their lives easier – e.g. they can speed up quest or Wasteland returning time, make owners more resistant to damage or improve child’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats. Are you tired of collecting resources of survival again and again? Mr. Handy will happily help you with that problem and if needed he will instantly turn into a metallic bodyguard of the whole floor. Is Mr. Handy broken – dead? But I don’t have a qualified mechanic to repair him, you say to yourself. Never mind! Death is your buddy and for a few Caps (Fallout currency = caps from Nuka-colas) it will even revive a robot. No surprise. After the atomic war Grim Reaper has fulfilled the limits of death for a long time ahead. Animal rights activists don’t need to be horrified. Animals can’t die here! If you for any reason have decided to let your dweller finally rest in peace (who died in Wasteland), pets will automatically return alone.

Threat lurks at every corner

Vault is resistant, it has withstood the Great War, why bodyguards then? Shouldn’t we care only about water, electricity and food resources? No-no. It won’t be that easy. With the good comes the evil. The bad guys in Fallout Shelter are Raiders, Radscorpions, Radroaches, Feral Ghouls, Molerats and worst of them all – Deathclaws. When no one of them is trying to kill you fire will try it. Why? Either pyromaniac rats will set an empty room on fire or you will burn out thanks to a clumsy dweller after rush action. You can compare rush to usage of the white powder from uncle Pablo Escobar. With one rush command the time in e.g. Science lab will speed up, dwellers will work hard as hell and they will finish 2 packs of Radaway in 3 seconds instead of standard 5 minutes. In case their attempt won’t fail. If they fail one of the disasters (Room on fire, Radscorpion/Molerat/Radroach infestation)  come after. The percentage of success depends on the level of required stat (in Science lab it is Intelligence) and the level of Luck.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: post-apocalyptic world is cruel.

RPG elements in the game

Every dweller je S.P.E.C.I.A.L. thanks to their skill and abilities, but not everyone was born talented. Whereas someone was born very strong, the other one is pretty below average and doesn’t excel in anything. We can’t leave it that way, can we? Especially in post-apocalyptic times self-confidence is even more important trait than ever before. Be patient and train substandard dwellers into a legendary males and females. Every stat can be trained in different room. Does training take forever? Save up bunch of Caps and upgrade training rooms on the max level, training should be easy then.

How to earn Caps

Do you count every single Cap you have? Do you want to earn extra Caps? Are your dwellers useless and die often in Wasteland, so you have to always bribe the Death? Send Mr. Handy to collect Caps in Wasteland! He is non-conflict = immortal in Wasteland, he doesn’t collect junk nor anything else and targets only Caps. Unfortunately Fallout Shelter world doesn’t have banks thus no one will force you take loans in crisis. What? Who was that? Ranger? No! That was millionaire Mysterious Stranger! “I’m here but I’m not. If you catch me you got jackpot.” is his catchword. In patch 1.7.2 Mysterious Stranger isn’t the only one anymore. Bottle & Cappy are moneylenders that will offer you partnership after you rescue them from Raiders in a limited edition quest. From time to time they will visit your Vault and walk from room to room. Sometimes they stop walking and start dancing, in that time you have to click on them and Caps will rain. Another way how to earn Caps is to sell surplus weapons, outfits and junk. Well, but why should I earn Caps when I can’t even buy a super-duper gun?

DIY home made

Sometimes your dwellers will bring home some technical documents from engineers or mad handymen. And you can craft your own weapon or outfit in workshops via obtained recipes if you got enough Caps and required junk. With 100 Vault residents you can craft legendary outfits and with 75 ones you can craft legendary weapons. Did Fallout Shelter give us a reason to craft disadvantageous weapons and outfits? Yes, it did! There’s a collector’s section – you progressively unlock illustration photos of all things in Fallout Shelter (all weapons, outfits, junk), pets and legendary characters. Every photo has a short funny description.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: expand your collection!

Legendary faces

Legendary characters are well known main characters from Fallout 3 and 4 – e.g. Piper (Fallout 4) or Dr. Li (Fallout 3). You can collect 23 legendary characters. Even characters are divided into 3 levels – common, rare and legendary. You can find and save rare characters in Red Rocket station or they will join you after completed rescue quests or you can gain a legendary/rare character through Vault-tec lunchboxes.

Time for adventure

After building Overseer’s command centre you will gain ability of a general and you can start sending groups of dwellers on quests. Quests have rules which will shrink your list of chosen ones such as minimum character level, weapon damage, sometimes specific kind of weapon or outfit and last but not least – minimum level of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat. With patch 1.7.2 developers have added lots of new quests, before that quests were pretty boring and repetitive, but now almost all quests have a story. If a team member die on a mission, you can revive him/her for Caps after completing the quest before heading home. If all team members die you can restart the quest for Caps and use another tactic. Maybe I should mention that you don’t have to uncover the whole quest location to complete it. If your dwellers have difficulties with killing enemies, go straight for your target. Just pay attention and read the conversation between team members, it’s a hint.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: quest list.

Attractive rewards

Rewards from quests are attractive of course and the most attractive ones are those which you can buy for real money in the shop – Vault-tec lunchbox, Pet carrier, Mr. Handy and Nuka-cola Quantum. Nuka-colas drop surprisingly quite often (in quests, voluntary Wasteland locations, from lunchboxes etc.). You can get lunchboxes and pet carriers pretty often too. Circa every 3rd quest reward is a lunchbox or a pet carrier or you can gain them by completing more difficult objectives. If you play Fallout Shelter every day at least for a few seconds, 7th day the game will reward you with a Vault-tec lunchbox.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter: you never know what is waiting for you in the next room.

Free means free

Fallout Shelter is completely free and remain playable for free after the download. Yeah, you CAN buy boosts for real money, but it’s not necessary at all.


In conclusion, I would like to add that I haven’t played any free game for that long. I’m a Fallout 4 fan and I plan to play older Fallouts too, but I think that this game has potential to lure “non-Fallout” gamers and maybe it even has a potential to transform them into Fallout fans in the end.

Score: 60-70/100

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