Eon Altar PC game

Eon Altar – PC Game Review

What is Eon Altar

Eon Altar is an adventure RPG game great for gaming parties for up to 4 players. It looks ordinary, nothing is really buzzing your eyes. But wait – what? It can’t be controlled with a mouse and a keyboard? So it’s fully reliant on controllers then. Even that isn’t true? Eon Altar is controlled by your smartphone! Just download a free “Eon Altar” from Google Play or App Store, purchase Eon Altar on Steam and you’re ready to go!

Eon Altar PC game
Eon Altar: 5 heroes to choose from.

One for all, all for one!

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno. You and your teammates are on the same boat, aren’t you? What if there’s a traitor among you? Each of 5 characters has their own priorities and came to the Tarnum Fortress for some reason. Will it meet your one, or it’s completely diverse? Should you trust them? This mystery is one of the biggest advantages of smartphone controllers. Each character leads different conversations (it shows on the phone screen) with the same NPCs, which adds on atmosphere and tension intensity.

Eon Altar PC game
Eon Altar: Tactical turn-based fights.

Smartphone / tablet as a controller?!

I reacted something like that. But after downloading the app and opening it I was truly amazed. It works really well (fluently), doesn’t crush and is polished. Yes, tent to prefer solid joystick over a flat screen, but got used to it pretty fast. I tested it on Lenovo K5 Note and iPhone 4S and have to say that it’s more comfortable on bigger screens, so small screens like iPhone 4S aren’t ideal for reading your character’s thoughts or monologs (in single-player mode – NPCs have voice overs, our characters not).

Eon Altar PC game
Eon Altar: Mythical circle hall.

Simple but thrilling

Take a bit of, um, a lot of that omnipresent never-ending fight between the Good and the Evil, a cup of Fantasy, a scoop of Magic, 6 spoons of Detective novel, 2 teaspoons of Cultism, a pinch of Puzzle, mix it together let the poisonous red dominate for a while. Sit comfortably and watch the story of Eon Altar. As I said, it’s simple, but still thrilling. Not because of unpredictable plots, the excitement is hidden in a gradual revealing. Step by step, everything makes sense. Maybe there’s something big waiting for us in the end, who knows? There are 3 episodes available right now and I hope that other ones will come out soon.

Eon Altar PC game
Eon Altar: Local co-op fights.

The secret of good RPG games

Yeah, there’s no doubt that Eon Altar is a good PRG game. You may already know how good RPG games look like. The trick is in extensive skill trees. No, you simply can’t own all skills so simply in good PRG games. Just think about it. That would be cheap and boring, right? To unlock a skill or trait in Eon Altar, you have to collect various types of “collectibles” – Renown (I would compare it to a well-known term – experience), Godstone (Checkpoints through the game), Precious, Common and Remnants. That’s a whole bunch of things and Godstone is limited, so you have to decide, which branch of skills to prefer, whether you like it or not.

Eon Altar PC game
Eon Altar: Mentioned graphical glitch.

My opinion

I unfortunately played it alone, but I can imagine the fun playing it with others. Normal difficulty is just fine, nothing too intense. I died few times by careless mistakes (I forgot to drink healing potions). You can also test your tactics in Arena (survival mode with waves). The story is well told. It’s interesting, mythical and exciting. I managed to find few flaws – some graphical glitches and the funniest flaw is when you kill male cultists, they have female voice, but their chin has a perfect beard.


  • Unconventional and new features (controller = smartphone)
  • Well told story
  • Pleasant turn-base fights
  • Changing environment
  • Various characters to choose from
  • Voice over
  • Great RPG


  • Dying male cultists have female voices
  • Some graphical glitches (a chest in the wall)

Score: 75/100

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