Dungeon Rushers PC game

Dungeon Rushers – PC Game Review

What is Dungeon Rushers

Dungeon Rushers is a 2D tactical RPG game which combines dungeon crawling with turn-based fights. Progressively you will be able to choose from 10 different characters and maximal capacity of one team is 5 “heroes”. Why those quotation marks? It’s because you won’t play as heroes but you will play as their funny parodies. Comparing to the game Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar, which incidentally is on the same basis, Dungeon Rushers has a funny start and overall has interesting story to tell. I personally think that catchy story is really important in RPG games. The plot is one of the main reasons why people don’t quit playing them. Yes, there are exceptions like Rogue Legacy, where the gameplay is assured by great levelling mechanism and randomly generated castles, so developers could afford only minimalistic storyline.

Dungeon Rushers PC game
Dungeon Rushers: form your battle formation.


Dungeon Rushers won’t slay you with its tactics. The majority of dungeons are surmountable at the first attempt with all three challenges completed. If you fail the first time, the second time you will defeat it for sure. If you find that the difficulty has increased, it is a reliable indicator that you will soon get another adventurer to your side, who will make the following fights considerably easier thanks to their abilities. Once you complete all three challenges, you will unlock the heroic mode of the same dungeon. It only looks dangerous. The map is mostly identical the difference is that the chest needs a key to be unlocked. You won’t be able to continue without it. The key is guarded by a chosen enemy team that is really fed up (all enemies in heroic dungeons are fed up > stronger), whom you have to defeat without special abilities (which can be selected before the start of the fight) in order to get it. Heroic mode is also harder because you are not allowed to use potions.

Dungeon Rushers PC game
Dungeon Rushers: world map.

RPG elements

Although Dungeon Rushers beautifully entice you by crafting options, but that the selection consists of only up to about 6 items in total in each area (potions, various pieces of armor, weapon, accessories…) you have to find out individually. It should be noted that with each crafted item you gain XP and the crafting ability can be levelled up. But even if you level up to crafting level 2 and you will be able to craft few new items, you won’t be able to craft them as long as you aren’t in the right drop location (certain materials drop only in certain areas – e.g. the goblin area won’t drop anything from forest area and vice versa). It’s a shame because I personally think that this mechanism ruins the magic and the sense of the crafting itself. Next to the classic RPG elements like ability tree and character levelling Dungeon Rushers offers you gambling at the old witch. Wrinkled trader has a magical assortment, which is always randomly replaced or supplemented. If you know the game Shakes & Fidget then you know what I mean. If you feel lucky and you want to gamble, you can at the old witch’s back room for a certain number of coins.

Dungeon Rushers PC game
Dungeon Rushers: create your own dungeon!

DIY dungeon

Dungeon Rushers also thought of handy men. At the beginning you have a basic package to create your own dungeon, which the other Dungeon Rushers players can crawl, and so you can crawl their created dungeons. For every defeated custom dungeon you will get 10 parchment currency, for which you can improve your own dungeon. You can improve e.g. the number of dungeon rooms, the number of traps or the total threat level. In arena you crawl randomly chosen custom dungeons and with every success your rank rises. If you fancy more sophisticated dungeons and even with a story, such creations can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop. There you can find all public figments of the imagination of creative Dungeon Rushers players. Also each month a competition for the most successful dungeon takes place there. The winners win a free Steam key for their friends.

Dungeon Rushers PC game
Dungeon Rushers: arena menu.

How Dungeon Rushers motivates players

Dungeon crawling and fights against local enemies can be fun but everything eventually turns into a mere routine. So why to play it? Dungeon Rushers has it insured several times. Achievements, trading cards, arena and story – we want to know how it turns out, don’t we? Fights are mostly (about 96% of them) very easy, repetitive, and when you want to give it up, all of a sudden you get a new character or a boss fight arrives. In the game you can leave quite a few hours. I personally left there around 16 hours and I’m in the middle of the world map and have got 96,7% heroic versions of the explored dungeons unlocked and most of them completed.


  • funny dialogs
  • nice pixel graphic
  • RPG elements – skill tree, crafting
  • achievements
  • trading cards
  • gambling elements – random events, gambling in the shop
  • Steam workshop – arena (crawling other player’s custom dungeons, earn parchment currency to improve your own dungeon)
  • 10 unique characters, who are progressively unlocked
  • story


  • badly balanced difficulty (it’s kinda too easy)
  • bug – a Skeleton warlock revived a Skeleton lancer, but he didn’t appear and the game became unplayable. I had to repeat the same dungeon. (It was the final fight.)
  • no buy back insurance (you can’t buy back something that you sold by mistake)
  • no item comparison (you have to individually check gear stats while changing)
  • heroic maps are identical (easy to complete – just remember the shortest way to the chest)
  • crafting limited to levels (even if you have crafting level 3, you can’t craft anything if you are not in the right drop location) – it’s useless to level up to crafting level 3 if you are still in the level 2 location -> you won’t get the right materials -> crafting is kinda useless there
  • fights are repetitive and by 96% of them it’s not necessary to use your brain

Score: 61/100

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