Detention PC game

Detention – PC Game Review

What is Detention

Detention is an atmospheric psychological horror game set in a fictitious world in the 1960s Taiwan under martial law. It’s a story-driven side-scrolling video game enriched of unique East Asian / Taiwanese cultural references, which in fact is something refreshing and rare. The story is well-told and emotional. And one important thing – it isn’t based on jump-scares at all. All fear is in your mind.

Detention PC game
Detention: You woke up with a dead body over your head.

Technical side

What hit my eyes first was the graphic of course and it strongly reminded me the style of another psychological horror game – The Cat Lady. Yes, there are similarities but both styles are still unique in their way. Controlling system of Detention can be compared to classic point-and-click adventures. It is scripted in the meaning of Newton’s physical law “Action-reaction”. Every step further in your living nightmare activates following story plot. You literally can’t miss the next step, but there’s a question I asked myself a lot while playing Detention in the darkness of the night – Do I want to solve that puzzle?

Detention PC game
Detention: Haunted school.

My opinion

There’s no point to spoil any part of the story. I didn’t know a thing about Detention until I played it. I think the lack of any knowledge about the game adds to the atmosphere of the game. My fear could be easily divined into 2 types. In the beginning I was afraid of what’s happening, but then I was afraid of what really have happened. If you like good psychological horrors with even better stories, you really should try out Detention.

Detention PC game
Detention: A room protected against dark forces.


  • Flawless performance
  • Unique graphic
  • Great mystical atmosphere
  • Dark and interesting storyline
  • Atmospheric environment
Detention PC game
Detention: Puppet theater revealing the truth.


  • Sometimes I was too busy with the environment that I forgot to concentrate on the story
  • Puzzles are not really puzzles, they are obvious

Score: 80/100

Detention PC game
Detention: Illusion of school.
Detention PC game
Detenion: A puppet factory.

One thought on “Detention – PC Game Review”

  1. 20 hours in the game and I am still not done with it. Was fully immersive in the mythical atmosphere in the game and I felt I was really in the game!

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