Dead Age PC game

Dead Age – PC Game Review

What is Dead Age?

Dead Age is a strategy game about surviving in the world full of living dead. Can you cope in chaos? Can you survive in the hopelessness? Do you like tough decisions and can you withstand the consequences? Are you fans of the zombie classic The Walking Dead? In that case you definitely have to try Dead Age. I personally appreciate that Dead Age’s gaming mechanism is totally different from The Walking Dead series. Dead Age is a combination of old school and modern trends. Good old turn-based fights require a plan, a strategy and fast response in order to survive with minimal losses and while being useful to your blooming community. Dead Age will torment you with a lot of factors. How will you deal with daily fear of your bare life? How will you deal with the loss of those closest to you? And how long will you survive?

Dead Age PC game
Dead Age: Combat environment. Concrete situation – Punks wanted to attact the camp, but guards were experienced enough to catch them in time.

Survive who can!

There’s no doubt that you as a main character have to survive in the world of chaos and corruption. But every single mistake can grow into a fatal one. Lives of your group are in your hands. Death in Dead Age is permanent, so if you die the game ends. If a member of your group die, your life will get a little harder, because in tough times every helpful head counts. You will feel the loss. Especially if you have to complete quests in the limited time. In those few hours (16 h) spent in Dead Age I managed to make few big mistakes. I even managed to die once. Fortunately, I was at the beginning so the loss of virtual property was minimal. A proverb “One learns from mistakes.” has its meaning here. The beginning of the second game was a bit smoother and I haven’t died since then.

Dead Age PC game
Dead Age: Journey menu. You know the risk of another round ahead of time and you can always return before it’s too late.

RPG paradise

Dead Age is fully bulged with RPG elements. You can collect materials and craft different useful items from it (clothing, weapons, med kits etc.). Each character levels up and it’s up to you, which abilities you will upgrade. The majority of characters has their own advantages depending on what was their job before the zombie apocalypse. Naturally everyone has their own role in the camp. Character’s abilities are divided into 2 groups – combat skills (melee, ranged – pistol, shotgun, automatic guns…, first aid skills etc.) and job skills (hunting, cunning, crafting, blacksmithing and medicine). Each ability is good for something. On your scavenging journey you can stumble upon a locked house or car, in which could be useful things. The current level of required ability to unlock things affects the percentage of success. Sometimes you will be forced to decide. Some quests are time limited and there’s no other way than to decide, who or what is more valuable for your camp. Seemingly quiet game can become harder with moodiness of some camp members. If you choose options that they don’t like, they will ignore you for few days, so you won’t be able to make them work (guarding, crafting…), but they will still consume everyday rations for doing nothing. You won’t get bored while playing Dead Age.

Dead Age PC game
Dead Age: Combat skills.
Dead Age PC game
Dead Age: Job skills.
Dead Age PC game
Dead Age: The higher level of job skills means the better is that person in his/her job.

New game = new life

In Dead Age it pays off to proceed strategically and sometimes not taking undue risks. Because a well-played save can end at any time and every new game will never be the same. Yes, there is a limited number of characters and the plot is partly chronological (at least it seems chronological, but I could be wrong). But how certain characters come on the scene greatly influences the course of the game. The best part is that even when you know what are or will be your options, your choice will always depend on current factors.

Dead Age PC game
Dead Age: Overall statistics.

Everything has its flaws

And so Dead Age. As for graphics, character design and environment design are quite nice. A framework attempt to make characters various is obvious, but similarities or even commonality of certain characters is unmistakable. But this really doesn’t affect the overall experience of the game. Some animations of some characters are really funny-looking – undead wolf animations and enemy death animations, when they just fall down like hot potato or before death they perform a masterful pirouette. Next thing is missing portraits next to the narrative text and sometimes the animation of damage occurs before the attack animation. But these are just little things compared to major bug, which I unfortunately found – a cop Jessica disappeared from my camp and I can’t complete an important quest without her in the party. I can talk to her about the quest in the cantina, but I can’t invite her in the party. This bug was made by selecting option “last date with Jessica” in day 32, when I didn’t meet her outside the camp and she also haven’t returned. Unfortunately, that’s why my second game become unplayable. (It’s not like I can’t play it, it’s more like I don’t want to play a ruined game, because without her in the camp will cause troubles in the future for sure.)

Dead Age PC game
Dead Age: Jessica isn’t in the party overview. She can’t be invited into the party.


Dead Age is a great game with the old school tint. I definitely recommend this game. I sure would appreciate if the developers fix the mentioned “cosmetic” flaws and the bug that I found. I will definitely start my third game and I believe that it will be my best one. Because you start each new game with a little more equipment and more experienced.

Dead Age PC game
Dead Age: I lost Lydia, when zombies attacked the camp.


  • old school turn-based fights
  • plenty of RPG elements
  • random events
  • each game is different
  • this or that decisions
  • plenty of obstacles
  • this game won’t spare you


  • some animations are terrible
  • some portraits are missing
  • major bug with Jessica

Score: 80/100

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