Crazy Fun FootRock PC game

Crazy Fun – FootRock – PC Game Review

Have you ever wanted to try what it’s like to be an American football player? Yes? Then you’re unlucky, this game doesn’t let you do that! Well, maybe I was too mean for the beginning. But if you want to fictitiously try what are the required running skills of the American football players, so the game Crazy Fun – FootRock enables you to experience that. Really? Nope. I made you excited in vain again, because in Crazy Fun – FootRock you only run with a figure illustrating the NFL player over the entire playing field, which is littered with various obstacles and your task is to successfully reach the end of the playing field.

Crazy Fun - FootRock PC game
Crazy Fun – FootRock: Ultra simple main menu.

Crazy Fun – FootRock seems quite fun at first sight. If I have only seen screenshots I would probably also say that the game is really fun. The opposite is true. Levels are designed in style as if a five-year old child has spilled out it’s toys on an American football playground and your character’s task is to run through it. This game isn’t about anything else! You don’t have to collect a single coin that are located on the playground to a greater or lesser amount and for which you can buy new skins. By the way there are ONLY TWO skins, which you can buy. The only thing you always have to do in Crazy Fun – FootRock is to somehow reach the end of the pitch and each level ends there.

Crazy Fun - FootRock PC game
Crazy Fun – FootRock: Purple skin with number 48.
Crazy Fun - FootRock PC game
Crazy Fun – FootRock: Blue skin with number 79.

Throughout the game enormously difficult levels switch with simple trivial levels. I really don’t get the point when I have to repeat one heavy level several times, which is followed by several easy ones and vice versa. If it was meant as a way to keep players challenged, for me it failed badly, because I have expected some sort of escalating difficulty and an occasional level for relief. Unfortunately, it works like this – you will sweat while playing one max two levels in a row and then you will run almost straight ahead few rounds. In doing so, the game has the potential to use physics quite well! For example, you can throw down an object in front of you on the side, and run after it on another object and run away. Physics could be certainly more developed than it is in the current situation, where you can only dully stumble into things. The overall design of the levels is a big flop. The Crazy Fun – FootRocker’s great future could be levels made by the community, which will hopefully have more imagination and sense than the basic ones that are now in the game.

Crazy Fun - FootRock PC game
Crazy Fun – FootRock: Aka harder level.

Musical accompaniment is probably the best of the game, and therefore it always makes me angry, when it suddenly stops playing halfway through the level. The authors of the game Crazy Fun – FootRocker hadn’t given individual music tracks into the loop, so they play only once per round. So if you can’t successfully complete one round after a few attempts, bad luck for you, because you have to play the silent game until you beat the current level. I personally think that this problem with music basically spoils the impression and the action of the game, especially when the music is really the best thing on this game.

Crazy Fun - FootRock PC game
Crazy Fun – FootRock: Very trivial level.

As a cherry on top I must mention that there are 150 levels in total, but you can get achievements only for completing 75 of them (it has 75 achievements from lvl 1 to lvl 75)! Once the authors wanted to reward us with lots of achievements, so why they didn’t cover all 150 levels?


  • musical accompaniment (it’s a pity that the music always stops playing)


  • level design
  • weird game difficulty
  • the game is actually about nothing (no challenge)
  • meaningless achievements
  • mouse is periodically glitched
  • the game really doesn’t offer anything and isn’t even funny

Score: 17/100

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