Conga Master PC game

Conga Master – PC Game Review

If you don’t belong to those, who can dance in the real life and you are rather among those, who could unleash their dance moves only on the kid’s party as a clown, then Conga Master is a perfect game for you!

Conga Master PC game
Conga Master: Working on a combo.

Conga Snake?

Conga Master is a game which may remind you of an old game Snake on the first sight. Snake is probably best known to users of old Nokia mobile phones. But there are differences! In Conga Master you won’t be eating yummy things like poor mice. You have to do something that I personally call “the ritual dancing around your victim”. Why? Because dancing in Conga Master is in fact the only way to enlarge your size! If you dance around your victim long enough, the victim will then join you as the dance partner and with a newly charged power you can happily dance in circular motions to catch someone else. There’s another slight difference between Snake and Conga Master. In Conga Master you can’t bump into people who aren’t part of your dance team. If you do, it will cancel all gained sympathy (if there’s any) and you have to gain their interest again. Conga Master is about accuracy and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a time limit which is called Momentum. Momentum is always precisely defined at the beginning of each level (it’s always the same excluding bonuses) and it starts to decline gradually. Momentum is recharged with each newly gained dancing victim, who has joined your team. Later it won’t be enough to get one dancer to recharge Momentum, but you will need to get two or more dancers at a time to recharge the same part of the Momentum.

Conga Master PC game
Conga Master: Ultra mega long conga snake!

Don’t let them ruin your dance

If you’ve mastered to virtually dance on the dance floor and you don’t bump into anyone, there are few hostile elements at Conga Master waiting for you, that will try to thwart your dancing success. These elements are, for example, unpleasant cleaners, whom are known as impatient mall cleaners from the real world. Yes, indeed! In Congo Master they are also very eager and they bravely pierce their way through with a wet mop like Rambo with a machine gun. Those cleaners are leaving a wet line behind them and it’s really easy to slip on it and bump into a group of dancers. A similar unpleasant effects have here and there chucked banana peels. Last two negative elements are muscular dudes, who will throw you away when touched and pigs, which aren’t evil in fact, but if they join your dancing team, they decrease your Momentum.

Conga Master PC game
Conga Master: Final boss surrounded with alien janitors!

What next?

After each successful level there’s a mini game, where you have to run away from the UFO. The UFO will regularly abduct your dancers and your goal is to try to be as fast as possible to save as many dancers as possible and make your next level a little easier. Depending on how many of your dancers has UFO abducted, you will be rewarded with banknotes that you can subsequently use before the start of the level to get bonuses and to unlock new characters (or nothing if you’re not lucky). Bonuses are available only in the beginning of the next level, so most precious are new characters, who will remain forever.

Appearance of the levels

Game levels in Conga Master are perfectly designed. You can find e.g. a snowbound disco club, a college party or a bowling alley. I must admit that nothing is flashy nor exaggerated. All levels are balanced in terms of design. And I was especially pleased when I could find plenty of spoilers on famous movies or events there.

Conga Master PC game
Conga Master: UFO abducting your dancers in exchange for banknotes!

Bonuses in the game

There are bonuses in each level which will help you for a limited time. Randomness is not completely 100%, but e.g. there’s always a bonus for greater efficiency of your dance on one of the statues in the game. To claim in-level bonuses, you have to run into the object that is holding the bonus in high speed. The bonus will fall down and become collectable. You can find many types of bonuses there like greater attractiveness of your dance, renewal of Momentum, extra time, etc.

Conga Master PC game
Conga Master: (Un)lucky wheel full of bonuses.

Conclusion about Conga Master

Conga Master combines elements from the old game Snake with new and really original elements. Musical accompaniment is precisely tuned and don’t get on nerves even after several level repetitions. Even though this is relatively a short game, it takes a few hours to finish it. When I finished Conga Master I was the 6th best conga dancer in leaderboards, so it has a little plus for that.

Conga Master PC game
Conga Master: Personal best score – 6th in leaderboards.


  • an original game of Snake game motive
  • nice pixel graphic
  • humour
  • musical accompaniment


  • stereotype as you play longer
  • it’s enough to finish it once
  • unbalanced difficulty of each level
  • too short (just few levels)

Score: 68/100

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