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Clouds & Sheep 2 – PC Game Review

What is Clouds & Sheep 2?

Clouds & Sheep 2 is a farming type of game, where you take care of sheep and their satisfied lives. Clouds & Sheep 2 is exactly that type of game, which you know from your smartphones. Yes, you’re probably thinking about it and you are right! You can get this game on Andriod smartphones for free, which features classic micro-transactions that facilitate the progress through the game. But is there something interesting waiting for us in the paid version of the PC game Clouds & Sheep 2?

Clouds & Sheep 2 Treasure Island
Clouds & Sheep 2: Treasure Island environment.

Tutorial is fine!

Unfortunately, there isn’t much but it definitely deserves the praise. The tutorial at the beginning of the game is understandable, it prepares you well and shows you everything you need to know. The game is very easy to operate with the mouse and if you want to be serious pros in playing Clouds & Sheep 2, there are few keyboard shortcuts for you that will help you control the remaining functions in the game.

LVL UP and quests are basics!

The purpose of the game is notionally raise your level and thus unlock additional attractions and possibilities, how you can take care of your sheep. Just classic system, as you know from free to play games on your mobile phones. Her and there an exclamation mark appear over a sheep, which shows the availability of a quest, after clicking on it the sheep will reveal the quest. An example of a task, you have to feed all the sheep with flowers and as a reward you will gain experience and even an extra commodity. After completing few quests you level up and that well-known unlocking of new functions.

Clouds & Sheep 2 Farm at night
Clouds & Sheep 2: Farm world at night.

Well, there is a story but…

Regarding the content that is unlocked by raising levels, the only thing that is worth mentioning is the changing background, which is nicely drawn (the fact that with a level up you also unlock a decoration isn’t that interesting, right?). But there’s one thing that I have to commend and to damn it in the same time! The game contains something like a story – you are searching for a fountain that is somehow important to the sheep. Well, I liked it at the beginning, for the first 20 minutes, then everything become very tedious and I began to be enormously bored.

Why is it boring?

How is it possible that the story is tedious and boring later on? That’s simple! You collect four main commodities and those are stars (when the sheep are satisfied), wool, wood and hearts (something like love – collected from flowers). With those commodities you can buy items (which are unlocked by certain levels), which are necessary for the for progress in the story. And this is really boring on PC!

Clouds & Sheep 2 Winter world
Clouds & Sheep 2: Snowy happiness with sheep.

Nice, funny a STEREOTYPED!

The developers have a big plus for the game humour and the nice graphic, which is calming and it’s also appropriate for the kids (even though I really doubt that they would play it on PCs). Music is also well chosen and corresponds to the type of the game. Sheep are humorously illustrated and it’s fun for a while when you play with them. Unfortunately, it’s fun just for a while. The game becomes very stereotypical and thus unplayable on PCs.

My verdict

In conclusion, I would like to say that the game isn’t poorly done technically nor graphically. But in case of PC gaming is extremely boring! Yes, it is nice, cute and funny but just for the first 5-10 minutes! If you have a lot – like a lot – of spare time, you are really bored and love infantile graphic, then the game Clouds & Sheep 2 is ideal for you. But still consider that the game at the time of writing this reviews costs $ 9.99 and it’s quite a lot of money for this type of game. Clouds & Sheep 2 didn’t gain my interest (I really doubt that it will gain children’s interest) and I probably won’t play it anymore. Even though Clouds & Sheep 2 isn’t a badly made game of its genre and it could be an interesting gaming experience for some of you! I therefore stay with the average rating since I can’t recommend nor not recommend the game Clouds & Sheep 2. The choice is yours!

Clouds & Sheep 2 personal profile
Clouds & Sheep 2: Tom’s personal profile.


  • nice graphic
  • really nice sound effects
  • humour
  • a story in this type of game


  • Everything become boring and stereotyped very fast!
  • inappropriate for PC platforms (I personally think)
  • a poorly designed story process

Score: 50/100

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