Candle PC game

Candle – PC Game Review

What is Candle

Candle is a beautiful 2D point-and-click adventure. It has very original hand-painted graphic and professional audio. The story is full of human errors and their corrections. It’s about how too much ambitions and greed caused destruction of a sophisticated civilization and in an effort to cut an end to violence, the shamans have created a disaster. In order to save the world from fifth destruction Teku has to save his tribe’s shaman, solve challenging puzzles, defeat Wakchas and reveal the truth.

Candle PC game
Candle: Candle thinking through a plan how to eliminate that Wakcha warrior.

Perfect puzzle mixture

One of the best things on Candle are puzzles. There are lots of different types – enemy elimination, platform puzzles, logic puzzles, even social games. Candle is one of the few games that has no weak spots in the gameplay just like The Cat Lady, Downfall, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller and Deponia series.

Candle PC game
Candle: Candle saving his friend.

It has It all

Candle has everything what you could expect from a good point-and-click adventure game. Interesting story, various puzzles, challenges, flawless animations and beautiful graphics. Just one thing may be missing here – multiple endings. But you know what? I personally wouldn’t like bad endings here. So I’m glad that Candle has only one ending, the good one.

Candle PC game
Candle: Candle in the temple.

My opinion

I’ve enjoyed every second in the game. Even though I wasn’t able to move on I could at least admire the beauty of the environment. Although Candle’s story wasn’t so surprising or bizarre or whatever. It still managed to stay interesting and entertaining.

Candle – Full Walkthrough Playlist


  • Nice dynamic environment
  • Flawless animations
  • Character design
  • Plenty of puzzles and challenges
  • Unique graphic
  • Professional audio


  • I’ve found none

Score: 92/100

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