Black Mirror PC game

Black Mirror – PC Game Review

What is Black Mirror?

Black Mirror is a 3D point-and-click story-driven adventure game. It’s a modern re-imagining of the equally called Black Mirror gothic-horror adventure trilogy. This time you’ll be playing as David Gordon – a family member of the great Gordon clan, one of the oldest families in Scotland. It all starts once you set your foot on the ground of your ancestral home for the first time. If you’re ready for some controllable feature film, then dive yourself right in!

Black Mirror PC game
Black Mirror: Welcome to Sgathan Dub.

Horror story.

Do you know what the real horror story is? When you’re about to write a review of a fully story-driven game. You can’t reveal much of it, unless you want to spoil it. So let’s talk about the technical part. Graphic (overall) – fine. Voice acting – great. Atmospheric – yes. Scary – not at all. Jump-scares – maybe? I’m a little bit confused reviewing Black Mirror.

Pros and cons or cons and pros?

You know… It has its cons and pros as all games do. But because we played it “fresh” (we had the pleasure to play it before the official release date), I believe that it’s quite hard to make a game “fresh & perfect” at the same time. What am I talking about? Black Mirror is a good game – no doubt about it, but there are little details ruining the playthrough. For example those loading times between scenes? Odbfjsfndkfm. That was killing the atmosphere instantly. And graphical glitches? No comment. See for yourself – check out your walkthrough videos.

For those who can’t or doesn’t want to watch videos right now – I got you covered. There are some of the annoying glitches:

  • “the invisible elevator” – it happened several times, when we’re changing scenes, our character suddenly “arrived” from under the floor as he was using an invisible elevator
  • “trending stripes” – nothing too exciting though, just some random black stripes showing off themselves in the corners etc.
  • “lassie, you’re in my way” – one time when we just finished a conversation, there was a script, when David should automatically go around the corner of a massive table. Guess what. He didn’t. He was jammed and started to sloooowly, like slooooowly turning around like…
  • “the Invisible Woman” – one of the character just disappeared and reappeared after a while even though it was obvious that she should be in the scene all the time
Black Mirror PC game
Black Mirror: What a morbidly peaceful view.

Not blaming Black Mirror tho

Every AAA title had the same problem. Can’t really blame Black Mirror for that though. It’s fresh and not polished yet. But I think that it’s just a standard procedure. You can’t polish a game unless you test it on a wide range of devices – PCs, notebooks, consoles, just everything anybody could play Black Mirror on. And I believe that the developers are already working on the update after the first feedbacks. However we played and livestreamed it on the PC with specs – Intel Core i7-7820X, ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 OC version, 32 GB RAM and it still wasn’t enough – Black Mirror definitely needs some optimalization.


Overall we enjoyed our time playing Black Mirror. But we advise you to buy it on sale and wait for the updates.

Our Full Wakthrough of the game Black Mirror


  • Atmospheric
  • Great voice acting
  • Various characters
  • Achievement hunt approved
  • Ambient horror
  • Story-driven


  • The number of puzzles is sadly disappointing (we would love more)
  • First version is full of bugs ruining the atmosphere
  • Not optimized
  • No special or hidden achievements (all are obtainable by simply playing the game)
  • Those loading times!!!

Score: 68/100

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